Race #1 kicks off the series with a front range favorite at Buffalo Creek, Sunday May 20, 2018.   The race is currently sold out.  Check out the wait list registration information at the bottom this page if you want to try and get into the race.

5/15 UPDATE! ATTENTION RACERS! Click to watch our Buffalo Creek racer meeting before race day. For information about our timing system click here.

Here’s the beta on the race weekend!  If your registered, please read this information!!

Race Head Quarters – Meadows Group Campground (click here for map) Meadows Group Campground is where it will all happen; Parking, Racer Check-In, Start/Finish, Lunch, and Awards

Parking! Parking will in the lower Meadows camp site. There will be parking attendants to guide traffic on Sunday. Be respectful and park where you’re directed. There is parking for about 150 vehicles, if everyone parks in the designated areas that we have identified.   There are 200 hundred of you racing, plus staff, volunteers, your family, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc.  Please CARPOOL if you have the opportunity!  There is over flow parking at two RTD Park-N-Ride locations.  This is a good place to meet your crew and carpool to Meadows GC.  The Conifer PNR lot is larger and a better option if you have big group.  DO NOT PARK on Rd. 550.  There is NO RACE PARKING permitted at the Buffalo Creek mtb parking lot.  This is strictly verboten! Thank you for your cooperation!

Pine Junction Park-n-Ride

Conifer Mountain View Park-n-Ride

Camping: there is limited camping on first come-first serve basis at the upper Meadows GC for Saturday night.  Camping is located at the upper Meadows camp site.  The fee is $10 per car or pick-up, $25 for any thing larger.  All proceeds go to COMBA.  Camping opens at 3pm on Saturday.

Dogs: The upper site is also the Start/Finish area and is a NO Dogs Zone.

Saturday, May 19th Racer Check-in 3-6pm:

  • If you are pre-riding or camping pick up your race plate and swag bag from race HQ, Meadows Group Campground.

Sign race waivers electronically here! Signing your waiver will save you time on race day and helps get things rolling without start time delay.

Sunday, May 20th Race Schedule

  • 6:45-8am  Racer Check-In
  • 8am- 8:25am Category Start for first Transfer
  • 8:45am – 3:30pm Racing!
  • Shuttle cutoff time 1pm!
  • 12:30 – 3:30pm Lunch
  • 4:30pm Awards

Shuttle: you will receive a vehicle shuttle ride between Stages 3 and 4.  We’re super excited that so many folks have registered for the race, however, be patient if you have to wait a bit for your shuttle ride.  Thanks in advance for your understanding!

Aide Stations: there are three aide stations on the course, that will offer water and small snacks.  Pack what you will need to eat for the duration of the race.  Depending on your category, plan on 4-6 hours of time on the trails.

Youth Category Racers: the “Groms” will race Stages 1,2, and 3.  They will receive a shuttle ride to the Redskin Trailhead to start their transfer to Stage 1.  They will receive another shuttle after Stage 3 to Meadows GC and be fed lunch.  There will be a Volunteer riding sweep with grom racers.

Race updates! To stay in the know about race updates, follow-us on Facebook

Racer start times-Buffalo Creek May 20, 2018
Category Transfer Start Transfer time Stage 1 Start Transfer time to 2 Stage 2 Start Transfer to 3 Stage 3 start Transfer w/shuttle to 4 Stage 4 start Transfer time to 5 Stage 5 start
Pro Men  8:00am  45mins 8:45am  50mins  9:40  15mins  10:00   55 mins  11:05  35mins  11:45 AM
Amateur Men  8:01   50   8:49   55  9:45   15  10:04   60mins  11:15  40mins   11:50
Master Men  8:15   50   9:40   55  10:45   15 11:04   1:10  12:25 PM  40mins  12:50 PM
Junior Men-by age  8:20   55   10:08   60  11:08   15 11:34   1:20  1:00 PM  45mins  1:25 :00 PM
All Women/Pro  8:25  55   10:18   60  11:18   15 11:45   1:20  1:15 PM  45mins  1:36 PM
Am & Jr Wmn. all Cats  8:25  60   10:20   60  12:23   15 11:47   1:20  1:20 00 PM  45mins  1:40 PM
Youth -in van to Redskin TH  8:45  30 w/shuttle   10:31   1:10  12:35   20 12:00 PM   n/a   n/a

Course Map

Race Timing: we use the SportiDent, chip timing system.  You’ll receive a bracelet at Racer Check-in that has the chip attached to it.  All racers must return the chip-bracelet after the last Stage to get your overall time calculated.  Racers will be charged $150 for Lost or Damaged chips!

Wait List Registration:  If you don’t get in, you’ll receive a registration code to use for any of the races for the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

Defer or Cancel Registration

To defer your registration, here’s what you do:

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your Confirmation Code:
  3. Select DEFER or  CANCEL: move to another event

Volunteers! There are lots of Volunteer opportunities, and you can get some race credits to use towards registration at the other events in the Revolution Enduro line up.

  • Sunday May 20 Volunteer positions: Assistant Timer, Racer Check-In/Registration, Awards set-up, Food server.  These Volunteer posts gets you 50% off registration for Granby Ranch or Angel Fire.   Sunday Volunteers get lunch, t-shirt, and raffle ticket.  Sign up here!


Youth 10-13: $65

Junior Men and Women: $65

Amateur Men and Women: $80

40+ Men and Women: $80

Pro Men and Women: $90

Master Men 50+: $80

For questions contact:

Event Manager




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