Frequently Asked Question – FAQ

Are there start intervals?

Yes, 30 second intervals

Can I get a re-start for a flat?

No, flats, crashes, and mechanicals are part of racing. Racers are required to be be self-sufficient and carry the necessary tools and parts to repair your ride.

Will there be practice allowed before the races?

Yes, course maps will be released, at a minimum, 3 days before the race weekend. Practice is encouraged, and half-price lift tickets are provided to registered racers at venues with lift service.

Will the courses be marked for practice before the race?

Yes, the courses will be marked on the Friday of the race weekend. *Monarch Crest is all backcountry and will have minimal markings.

Will the trails be closed for the race stages?

Yes, trails will be closed for the race.  Trails will be open to the public during practice.

Is there camping at the races?

Yes, all of the race venues have camping near by.

This is my first Enduro, what category do I register for?

registration is by age, it’s easy.

Is there a start order?

Yes, when possible a start order list will be provided.


  1. No littering, back out your trash
  2. Respect and help your fellow racers
  3. Be polite to race crew, land managers, and resort staff
  4. Wheel and Bike replacement with approval from Chief of Timing, time penalties may apply
  5. Category changes only before the race starts
  6. Ride within your abilities
  7. Laugh and have Fun while racing your bike!

A helmet is mandatory. Other body protection is recommended. *some venues will require a full-face helmet and mandatory practice run.

No littering - pack your trash out.

Passing - if you’re caught, find a safe place to pull over ASAP, and let the rider who has caught you go by. COMMUNICATE with each other, so now one gets injured.

No Cutting Course - we have game cameras and will be looking for cheaters. Course cutting will cause for disqualification and $150 penalty to be paid to the local trail building club.

One bike, one fork, one shock; one wheel set; no bike changes or outside mechanical assistance.

No food stashes.

No tear-offs for goggles, see rule #2.

Injured rider on course; stop, assess, communicate with next racer. Prorated stage times will be provided to any racer offering assistance to an injured participant.

Respect Rule: show respect to fellow racers, race staff, volunteers, communities that you visit to have these race experiences, the environment (no littering or cutting trails).

* Revolution Enduro wants to provide awesome racing wrapped in a weekend of Fun. Help by following these simple rules to make for a great time.