Race 1Races
December 23, 2017

May 20th
Buffalo Creek | Colorado

Race #1 kicks off the series with a front range favorite at Buffalo Creek, Sunday…
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Race 2Races
February 6, 2017

June 17
Granby Ranch | Colorado

Race #2 of the Revolution Enduro will be hosted at Granby¬† Ranch, Colorado.¬† This event…
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December 27, 2017

July 21
Chainless Worlds at Angel Fire Bike Park | New Mexico

Welcome to the first ever Chainless Worlds! The race will be held on a selection…
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Race 1Races
February 11, 2017

July 21-22
Angel Fire Enduro | New Mexico

Race #3, Angel Fire, New Mexico. July 21-22 Two-Days of Lift service, Bike Park, Enduro…
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Race 3Races
February 5, 2017

August 18-19
Enduro-X | Steamboat Springs | Colorado

Race #4 of Revolution Enduro travels to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for series Final, August 18-19,…
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