THIS RACE IS SOLD OUT FOR 2021. Follow the REV Facebook page for waitlist registration info.

July 31 and August 1, 2021. Two day back country race.

Course Maps:

All adult racers 18 years of age or older must sign the online waiver, click the link below. Junior racers must bring a signed waiver, see printable version below. There will not be waivers at race check-in. Waivers for 18+ racers must be signed online. 

The Rules

-Park only in designated RACE Parking areas.

-No cutting course. Stay on all single track. Time penalties and/or disqualification will be assessed.

-No littering. Pack out your trash.

-One Bike: race the same frame, suspension, and wheels both days.

-Assist injured racers if needed.

-Be polite and courteous to other user groups encountered on the trails.

-Transfers: you will encounter other trail users, uphill traffic has the right or way.

Day 1, Saturday July 31, 2021

Race HQ location, here. This is the event parking, check-in, lunch and timing for Day 1.  

Do not camp at Race HQ, it is for parking. Dispersed camping can be found all over this zone. There is no parking on Rd. 550 (the main road in front of the parking lot. *Caution: there are logging trucks on Road 550. They are not looking for you and do not slow down for bikers, hikers, dogs, motos, campers, or trophy trucks. Be aware.

Racer check in will start at 6:30am. You will receive your race plate, timing chip that is to be worn on your right wrist, and continue to the Journey Start to activate your timing chip, then pedal to the stage Start. Race groups are listed below and emails will be sent with specific group information. 

Journey Start is where you get your timing chip activated and begin the race.  Missing Journey Start will result in a DNS or ‘Did not start”  You must start at this check point or you will not receive times for that day

DAY 1 Journey Start times from HQ here

OPEN Men/Women  :  7:00 AM

JR. Men 17-18  : 7:15 AM

Masters 40-49 : 7:30 AM

Masters 50+  : 7:45 AM

AM Men 30-39 : 8:00 AM

AM Men 19-29 : 8:15 AM

AM Women 19+ : 8:30 AM

JR Women 13-18  8:45 AM

JR Men 10-12 & 13-15 & 15-16  9:00 AM


Day 2, Sunday August 1, 2021

Race HQ: Memorial Park

Event Parking, Steamboat Springs High School main lot, here. No Parking at Dry Lake.

Shuttles will be provided from the High School to the race start on Buffalo Pass Road, Directions to SSHS parking lot for parking and drop off here.

Shuttle will be organized by rider category, and first load begins at 6:30  Timing of shuttles depends on how quickly we can safely load your bikes into our shuttles.  Please be ready 15 minute before your categories posted time in order to keep things smooth!

OPEN Men/Women  6:30

JR. Men 17-18  6:30

JR Women 13-18 7:30

JR Men 10-12 & 13-15 & 15-16 7:30

AM Men 30-39  7:30  

Masters 40-49  8:30

Masters 50+ 8:30

AM Men 19-29  8:30

AM Women 19+ 8:30

No Parking at Dry Lake. Drop off and parking will be at the High School.   Shuttles will be provided and will bring riders to the Journey Start on Buffalo pass here .   

This event permit is approved per the No Parking stipulation at Dry Lake. Thank you in advance for following this protocol so that this event can happen in the future!

Journey Start, the Day 2 Journey start will be located near the vault toilet at the Spring Creek Trail head. Racers must check-in at the Journey Start. (time penalty or disqualification for not checking in a climbing the transfers)

End of Race Transfer: the transfer back to Race HQ will be on Spring Roll Trail the Spring Creek directional trail. This is a transfer, not part of the race. Ride in control. Once on the two-track and County Road, expect dogs and children off-leash, hikers, and baby strollers. Ride slow. Be courteous. Pedestrians have the right of way. Ride slow. Be courteous. Thanks in advance for riding smart, in control and slow near pedestrians so that ALL of your fellow race participants can use this transfer route in the future.  

Lunch, Timing check-in and Awards are at Memorial Park. We will hold “rolling” awards and announce Awards for classes as they finish. Lunch will be available 12-3:30pm.

Courses (map coming soon. These trails are on Trailforks)  :


We do offer partial discounts for those canceling during our cancellation periods.

If the event is NOT sold out, a discount code for 100% of your race registration fee will be offered until 21 days prior to the race date. No discounts codes will be given within 21 days before the event, if the event is not sold out.

If the event IS sold out, a discount code for 100% of your race registration fee will be offered until 21 days prior to the race date. No discounts codes will be given within 21 days before the event, if the event is sold out.

Partial discount codes are only available for cancellations of completed registrations. A registration is considered incomplete if payment was mailed in and has not yet been received. Discount codes can be used to register for another Revolution Enduro event and will be valid for 12 months after the event date.

Here’s how to cancel:
1. Go here to CANCEL
2. Enter your confirmation code (found on your confirmation receipt)
3. Select Go next to CANCEL: cancel your registrations
4. Agree to the terms and Submit
The participant will receive a cancellation email, and if canceling within the cancellation period their cancellation discount code will be included in that email.
Printable waiver
Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains

Storm Peak Brewing

Storm Peak Brewing

Steamboat Chamber

Steamboat Chamber

Steamboat Ski and Bike Kare

Steamboat Ski and Bike Kare