About Revolution Enduro

Welcome to Revolution Enduro!  Whether you’re new to mountain bike racing and looking to build your skills, or an experienced rider ready to race for the podium, Revolution Enduro offers events at renowned trail centers and ride destinations that appeal to all rider levels.

The definition of Enduro mountain bike racing is that the descents are are timed, and the uphills are not. The timed descents are called Stages.  Racers must ride to the start of Stage, this called a Transfer, typically uphill and not timed. Some event venues offer chair lift transfers, or vehicle-shuttle transfers to access more remote back country areas that will be raced.  

Revolution Enduro offers a sampling of everything; pedal transfers, lift, and shuttles to get you to the stage-start.  Enduro may be mountain biking in its most basic form, a casual spin (or chair lift) ride to the top with friends old and new, with high-fives before the ride down!

Progression is a key foundation of Revolution Enduro.  Riding and racing your bike is something we do for fun. The season is designed to build skill and confidence with the inclusion of progressively more challenging trails in a relaxed race environment. The series starts off at Buffalo Creek, Colorado to offer a sampling of the enduro race format for the “enduro curious” while offering a pinner, no brake race opportunity for expert level racers.

All races are professionally timed,  and have marked courses that are permitted for the races, professional emergency staff, lot’s of fun swag and prizes, lunch and beverages.  Race ages start at the 10-13, Youth Category up to Men’s 50+ Category, and Pro. Bring the family, or bring yourself, for a day or weekend of Revolution Enduro racing!

Points will be awarded to the top 30 finishers in each category for every event that is raced in Revolution Enduro series. One race can be dropped.  Points will be tallied from the three highest finish placements to determine the overall series champions.  The series winners will be announced and awarded at the series Finale.

Some venues will offer mass-start by category for pedal Transfers to ride to a Stage Start, and other venues will start the day with lift service if racing at a resort.  All racer Stage Starts are individual, from a start gate, every 30 seconds.  We schedule category start times so that you race within your category.


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Awards and Prizes – podium awards are for top 5 finishers.

Pro Purse – $1150 will be split equally between the Pro Men and Women races at each of the four enduro events. Payouts will go to the top five finishers.


Result Points
1st 300
2nd 250
3rd 215
4th 185
5th 160
6th 140
7th 125
8th 112
9th 100
10th 90
Result Points
11th 81
12th 73
13th 66
14th 60
15th 55
16th 50
17th 45
18th 40
19th 36
20th 32
Result Points
21st 28
22nd 24
23rd 20
24th 17
25th 14
26th 11
27th 8
28th 6
29th 4
30th 2


Event Manager: David Scully david@revolutionenduro.com

Timing: Matt Swenson matt@revolutionenduro.com

Media: Mick Gilligan mick@revolutionenduro.com

Timing: Revolution Enduro uses the SPORTident timing system, the same used at the Enduro World Series races.  This advanced chip timing system provides accurate and instant result information to the racer throughout the race day. Our event and management team brings over 20 years of combined race organization and timing experience to to provide you with positive race experience whether your racing for the podium or working on a new PR!